Big Wing and Aired Lows!

Marmite! Definitely a love it or hate it kinda car... Personally I was unsure about it at first but it did grow on me, it's sort of a grown up sized hot wheels/match box car! The wing either makes it look comical or badass depending on whether you like it. The wheels are bright and stand out on the car, tucked nicely when she's floored. This is definitely a show car, its looks go further than performance... I'd love to know people's opinion on this, do you love it or hate it? #smalltribesrule #modified #bmw #airride

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Comments (3)

  • Very nice pictures. I like the framing 😀

      3 years ago
  • I'm not quite sure what I think of a low rider with a fin? Beautiful car and beautiful photography though Holly!


      3 years ago
  • Cool pics, crappy mods

      1 year ago