BIG with Richard Hammond starts 15 January.

The shortest presenter with a BIG show.

BIG with Richard Hammond is a show that was announced.earlier this year. Since may Richard Hammond is strolling around the world from the UK to Dubai, the US and many many other countries – to explore the world’s biggest structures and machines.

For the production of this new series a contract is signed with Chimp Productions Ltd., a company owned by Hammond and his wife Mindy.

We are delighted to hear BIG starts on 15 january about two weeks later as Our Man in Japan with James May.

Despite the fact Richard Hammond announced BIG as a series from Discovery.Channel, this.trailer mentions it can be seen on Discovery, SKY,.Virgin, BT and Amazon Video.

We hope that those who complain The Grand Tour is getting only 4~5 episodes per season will be happy to see the hosts also in various other productions.

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