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Bike Racing Is Amazing - Laguna Seca MotoAmerica Mega Gallery

Full photo gallery from the Laguna Seca round of the MotoAmerica motorcycle race series and why you should watch motorcycle racing.

Your Laguna Seca motorcycle mega gallery is here.

Earlier in July, I had the fortune to attend the Laguna Seca round of the MotoAmerica racing series, featuring multiple classes of racing motorbikes. This was my first time shooting motorcycle racing and am quite pleased with some of the results. If you don't watch motorcycle racing, well then frankly, you probably should. The intensity and human factor of bike racing makes this more exciting to watch than auto racing. The fact they can follow as close as they can, run side by side at any part of any track, and change position as often as they do makes motorcycle racing a serious spectacle. MotoAmerica is the premier motorcycle road racing series in the Americas, attracting talent from all over the globe. Former MotoGP race winner Toni Elias was present in the top-tier superbike class as are other former MotoGP racers. MotoAmerica also features some of the best American riders in the world, with Jake Gagne capturing both wins this weekend in Superbikes onboard his Yamaha R1.

Standing up close through the fence and seeing these 230+ horsepower monsters accelerate away as quick as an F1 car is truly mind boggling, not to mention the sound from the screaming inline-four cylinder engines or the gruff growl of V-Twin and V4 bikes. Bikes have an emotion to them that I find so compelling, as it is just a human and machine, with the rider being not just a pilot, but a component of the bike. I urge you to check out MotoAmerica for yourself if you live in the states, and even if you're not traditionally a motorcycle person, who knows, it just might convert you. The variety of bikes is amazing, too, with 1,000cc superbikes, 600cc supersport, 650cc twins cup, 400cc junior cup, and even a Harley-Davidson 'King of the Baggers' class. Check out motoamerica.com/ and DM for any image inquiries. You can also follow my photo adventures on IG @mitchellweitzman. Enjoy!

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  • These are fantastic!

      1 month ago
  • You nailed it. The rider being a pilot and a component of the bike truly distinguishes the sport from automotive sports. The talent is spectacular.

      1 month ago
  • Hugo Millán’s parents would disagree with the amazing part.....

      1 month ago