Bike Throttle's top tankslapper compilation

      4y ago


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      We've put together some of the nastiest tank slappers the internet has to offer. Head to YouTube to subscribe to our channel for more videos! Thanks

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      Comments (15)

      • Shaun- if you're having trouble keeping the wheel down, you got the right bike!

          4 years ago
      • Some nasty stuff there but we ought to ask ourselves, should we laugh at people who film themselves pulling wheelies then crash and burn? Yes, I think we probably should. After all, they are complete cunts.

          3 years ago
      • Number 2: INSANE!

          4 years ago
      • How number two stayed on I have no idea. Great list

          4 years ago
      • Peter - I remember reading the owner's comments regarding the Fireblade incident. He said a component in the damper or electronic controller broke so it was stuck on low speed adjustability when riding at high speed.

        That would explain it anyway.

          4 years ago


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