Biker gets hit at 105mph on the Nurburgring but manages to stay on

1y ago


A frightening video of a motorcyclist being hit by a car on the Nurburgring whilst racing at 105mph has been uploaded to Youtube.

The biker is lapping the track for over seven minutes before he approaches a Porsche and a Seat Leon. The Porsche can be seen overtaking the Leon and the motorcyclist moves up to take over the Seat only for the Leon driver to swerve and hit into the side of the biker at 105mph, sending him off track into the guardrails.

Against all odds the biker manages to control the bike, hold it on the grass then bounces to the opposite side of the track (while still upright) before slowly gaining composure and taking off on the track again.

I don't know about you but I think I'd have to call it a day after such a close call!

*Note: cut to 7:30 for the action.

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  • That was close! That guy must have balls of solid rock to keep it together after that.

    8 months ago
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  • Top skills kudos to this man!!as for car driveršŸ˜”fucking give way to bikes.think bike!!!!

    8 months ago
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