Bimota DB4 Project: Part One, the beginning.

Winter is the best time to spend some time in the garage wrenching. My latest project should be simple, and fun.

3w ago

In an effort to keep the effects of seasonal depression at bay, I have kicked off a new winter project. This will not be a custom build, nor a full restoration but rather a deep dive into servicing and preparing the bike for next summer. The bike, and the project will be very similar to one of my past winter projects that I shared here, my Ducati 1000SS.

This Bimota DB4 is powered by a 904cc air cooled Ducati twin lifted from a 900SS. It is one of 264 produced over a three year production run. It is said to be a fair bit lighter then the comparable Ducati as well as have much sharper handling characteristics. I have very much enjoyed owning my 1000SS. It has just the right amount of performance for the street and is rewarding to push. Looking forward to what this Bimota will feel like. Initial impressions are positive. It is very well build and is dripping with interesting components. It is also substantially smaller then the 1000SS in the garage. Not something I was expecting.

Step one was to get all the bodywork off of the bike. I do this to make life easier when servings. It also gives me great access to clean the frame, engine and rest of the bike. This bike was rather dirty underneath, so fingers crossed there are a few warm days in the next couple of weeks so I can wheel the bike outside and pressure wash it. Could really use it.

So far there is nothing out of the ordinary that the bike needs. Just a few perished rubber comments and a solid service. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

This particular bike has the Moto Corse upgrade kit. This consists of FCR 39mm flat slide carbs, a Ti exhaust, different fuel tank to fit the carbs and a few other small tweaks. All and all it should offer a very visceral experience with all the cool and interesting sounds.

Hopefully some of you find this interesting. If you have any questions or want to see something specific, please feel free to comment or reach out in PMs. I would also LOVE to see what you guys are working on this winter too.

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