Bimota is back! (again)

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Bimota has had more than its share of financial problems during its history, with various periods of insolvency.

Their last model was launched five years ago and not much has been heard from Bimota since the 2014 BB3 model which used the BMW S1000RR engine.

That is until the reveal from EICMA this week, where they've announced the all-new Tesi H2. The name gives a clue, with Kawasaki having bought 49.9% of Bimota's stock, giving the Italians a much-needed cash influx and a supercharged 1000cc donor motor from the H2 superbike, tuned for 227bhp.

The front end uses a hossack style design that's been seen in previous Tesi models. It won't be cheap but it could be the surprise of 2020.

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  • Can't wait to see this thing in the track. Curious about the handling tho.

    14 days ago
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