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Bimota Is Back! Is The New TesiH2 Going To Be A Hit or Flop?

Bimota might be equally as well known for the Tesi bikes as it is for entering and exiting the motorcycle market. Both aspects of the company story have a vibrant, rich and interesting history. Kawasaki is positioning itself to be a part of that story with the expected launch of the TesiH2.

The Tesi 1D

For those of you that are not familiar to the Tesi line. Tesi is the Italian word for thesis and the bike was to be just that for Bimota and their designers. In innovation in front end design was set to change how the world viewed the front suspension of a motorcycle. That obviously never happened, but it was not from a lack of trying on the part of Bimota. The engineering and theory behind the Tesi bikes is an amazing read and I feel more people should take the time to look into them. I will not go into detail here, but suffice to say that these types of bikes are a calling card for Bimota. Personally I think it is a wise move for Kawasaki to relaunch Bimota with one.

The Tesi 2D

In the last couple of weeks since it was announced that Kawasaki bought Bimota the forums and owners groups have been awash with speculation on the direction the new owners would head. Kawasaki already makes some super high performance bikes, and at this point it is getting harder and harder to see how anyone could extract more speed and performance from the newest crop of top tier litter bikes. Would Kawasaki take a ZX10R, increase the power by 10-15% and take 20-30 pounds out if it? What would that end up costing? Would people buy it?

Tesi 3D

Well now we all have our first glimpse into what is coming down the pipes. It looks like the first new bike will be a Tesi, but with gobs of power. Bike is running the supercharged motor from an H2. Exact numbers have not been released yet, but expect 240hp at the very lest. We should also expect a decent reduction in weight from the H2.

Styling is rather interesting. Clearly the TesiH2 and Kawasaki H2 share similar lines. Some have claimed that the new Bimota is ugly and not befitting the name. I tend to think that is just trolls being trolls. Some just need to complain about everything. Lets be honest, none of the Tesi bikes were beautiful. Striking? Yes. Interesting to look at? You bet. But they were never the object of lust that some Ducatis and most MV Agustas are.

Lot of technology packed into this picture.

One thing to note is that this new bike represents two major changes for the Bimota Tesi line. First is that use of an inline four. The 1D, 2D and 3D were all aircooled Ducati L-Twin powered. The other is that this will be a huge leap forward in performance. To put it politely, the Tesi bikes were not exactly screamers. They were more about handling and exploring the engineering then all out speed. The engines were not monsters. The H2 engine is.

I for one am extremely excited to hear more details and learn more about this bike. To me this all shows that Kawasaki is interested in the history of Bimota and bringing it into the modern age. Sure these will be niche bikes for a small number of people, but it is great that it will exist at all.

What do you guys think?

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  • Gotta be hit!!

    7 days ago
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  • Let it be flop and buy second hand one very cheap and 30 years later could be collectible bike

    7 days ago
    • With any low volume bike they always remain collectible. Funny thing about Bimota is they don't seem to really ever go up in value though.

      6 days ago