BIMOTA SB8R PROJECT BIKE. PART SIXTEEN: Persistent Overheating Issues...

One step forward and two steps back it seems. Still chasing overheating issues. Kind of at my wits end right now.

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In the last update I had a whole pile of new parts. These were both OEM Suzuki and special ordered parts from Bimota. My hope was that I had everything I needed in order to wrap up this project. I had dreams of riding off into the sunset and getting a few beautiful shots of my finished bike.


Well that all went out the window on the road test. I finished flushing out the cooling system, patched a couple of pin hole leaks and ran the bike through a couple of heat cycles. While I would not say it was perfect, I did expect it to be able to be ridden. Sure I would occasionally need to top up the coolant, or see a small puddle under the bike. Nothing that any of my other motorcycles have done to be before.

Mounted all the bodywork, let the bike warm up and went out of a quick ride.

Even at highway speeds the temperatures were higher then I would like. Started thinking to my self "maybe these run hotter then some of my other bikes". My SB6R definitely runs warmer then my Ducati Monster S4. I chalk that up to much tighter packaging and fairings.

The thing that pushed me over the edge, and forced me to admit there was a problem was when my left leg was being washed with hot coolant. Not a great feeling. I stopped for a bit, let things cool down and then limped the bike home. No damage done, just a disappointing ride.

Have not dug into the causes yet. Could have been a simple air pocket in the system, or a split in one of the pipes, or a plugged radiator, or something I am not thinking of yet.

As with any project, there are many surprises along the way. This one was not a positive, but there will be better days. Important to enjoy the process.

Notice I tried to crop out the water on the ground....

Notice I tried to crop out the water on the ground....

While stopped I was able to enjoy the quietness that is any downtown in Covid times. Would have liked the local bar to have been opened, but can not have it all.

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