Bingo sports visit

Rushed to visit Bingo Sports after checking into hotel. Realised i may have stumbled onto a big event in Asia.

10 minutes walk towards Bingo Sports. Straight Ahead !

Expecting Ferrari F40 or several rare automobiles on display as usual. Was dumbfounded when i noticed a Pagani Oliver Edition stopping right across the store with a Pagani Huarya right behind. Pagani Asia was holding a Touge Run from 5th-10th November. Pagani's From Asia & Middle East were bringing their cars to Tokyo for this event.

Not many passer-bys seemed interested in this

Those wings.....

Surprised i that i saw Dino from Speedhunters there. They were busy finalising the plans for the event with the boss. So i didn't go up and sneak a fanboy selfie with him. Went into the store and saw a Kiryu, ZOZO, Huarya BC. Seeing these in a room together is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Spot the Speedhunter


Short Video Clip :-

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