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Binotto talks of upcoming PU upgrades and how the 2022 car is coming up

The team is all set to have a new power unit in the upcoming races.

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Mattia Binotto has not grand prix set for Ferrari's new F1 power unit, as he shares an update on how the 2022 car is coming up.

Ever since the episode of 2019, horsepower has been a problem for Ferrari, and the power unit is hence one of the key areas to be looked at for the next few races. Ahead of 2021 - due to the pandemic - F1 teams were given one push with their engines, but the Italian manufacturer held it off until the latter stages of the current season.

Behind the scenes, they continued to work through to make it ready for the last few races, which could be decisive against McLaren, who has upped their pace with the Mercedes power unit. With the new update, the team is optimistic in reducing its current disadvantage, as per its chief Binotto.

Reports suggest for it to be used during Turkish GP, but Binotto hasn't put down a grand prix as yet. It is a lengthy process as the updates on the power unit include a change in the hybrid technology, which require homologations, certifications, and certain reliability checks that must be passed for the greenlight on the use of the power unit on track.

"We are working very hard to have them ready as soon as possible," said Binotto. "It’s a change in technology on the hybrid side. In order to introduce them, we need first to transport the materials, and being dangerous materials, you need formal homologations and certifications for it.

"So it’s not only a matter of developing the hybrid system on the dynos and to somehow prove their reliability, but there is a lot of aspects that need to be addressed before to have them available on track. At the moment, there is not a race that is decided. It will be as soon as possible because we believe running it as much as we can this season will be of interest for next season.

"So, hopefully it will be in the next races and very soon,” stated Binotto. Ferrari is not just building up the power unit, but they are also working on their simulator. They have had several tests with the old F1 machine, so as to corroborate the numbers.

In addition to work on the engine and simulator, Binotto shared about the general development work on the 2022 side as well, which he says is progressing well and while car concepts are currently frozen, including suspension layouts, cooling layouts, etc, it has advanced greatly with the chassis also already in production.

"The 2022 car is progressing," said Binotto. "It’s progressing and now is the time you are normally freezing the chassis geometries and the entire concept of the car, suspension layouts, cooling layouts, so let’s say that the concept is certainly a lot advanced and while the concept is frozen, the chassis is already in production.

"It’s time to continue working on the body shape, on the aerodynamics, bodywork, wings etc, and no doubt we are working a lot as well on the power unit. The power unit next year will be brand new in terms of, let me say, concept and design. So, for us, it will be important for us to make the most important step we can, knowing that, as I said before, we’ve still got a gap in terms of performance on the power unit.

"So, the objective is really to try to catch that disadvantage, to close it. That’s why I think, on the engine, we are working very hard and that key moment where you need to find still performance but to start fully homologating the reliability of the product for the next season,” summed up Binotto.

The story was written by Selena Aburas

[Image courtesy: Ferrari] [Note: This story was written on FormulaRapida.net]

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