It's been almost 7 months since the L plates disappeared into the depths of never, that is they are probably disintegrating in the bottomless pit of my boot. So far it's been a truly exhilarating experience being able to drive independently, it has made life so much easier, I have too many outings with friends and trips down the corner shop to keep count of.

Black boxes have always been predominantly notorious for allegedly being the biggest burden to driving, however they're not all bad, as stated below, it does have it's advantages:

You save money

Admittedly, if you are 18 like me, it will be a hefty cost in the first years insurance however, if you are a good driver according to your black box, your premiums will reduce significantly in the next year. So to all the angry yob boy racers in your Renault Clio's, I recommend keeping your drag races under wraps until you can get insurance cheap enough to get rid of it. Sorry.

Provides evidence if you're involved in an accident

Your black box is able to record what happened in the accident and events leading up to it, if you weren't in the wrong, your good friend black box will prove your innocence in the witness box in court. How lovely.

Car stolen? No problem

The black box will come with GPS tracking, so even though a 17 year olds car will most likely not be the best getaway car, if someone does happen to steal it, it can easily be found.

Encourage safer driving

Having the black box there keeps you aware in the back of your mind that if you want the lower premiums you have to drive safe. Obviously it's hugely important that all drivers no matter if you have a black box or not should drive safely, and having one especially in the first few years of driving can be very helpful to encourage safer driving even after the black box is removed.

And the disadvantages?:


For all of you paranoid drivers out there, the black box is marked and tracked continuously, carrying a lot of data from your driving containing information such as where you've been, how fast you've been driving and data about your car and your details also. Although I'm sure it's all safe, you can't help but be wary of all the information they withhold.

Difficult to know how much exactly it will cost

Not knowing how much the premium will go down, it will be hard to determine how much it may cost when your insurance renews, so it may be a hard one to save up for.


If things go wrong with the box, it's likely you would need to call someone out to help you out with it, and that will inevitably result in costs to pay for the service.

What is it like to drive with one?

Currently I'm with Hastings Direct for my insurance with a black box that measures speed, breaking, acceleration and time of day when driving. They score you up to 100 points on each segment (100 being the best possible score) and from that data they give you an overall score on your driving. They say you must score at least above 50 to achieve up to a 30% discount next renewal, which is pretty decent. My score is currently above 50, I hope for it to stay that way. A lot of people do complain about black boxes, though I do like the thought of them, I don't know about you but I like driving safely and that's why I encourage them. Being the young driver I am, black box insurance really is the only option if you want the cheapest car insurance possible and you want your premiums to keep being reduced as a reward for good driving. It's highly commendable in keeping drivers safe on the road, so I have nothing against them, I find it amusing when there's an Audi driving so far up your backside because they have no patience, obviously the most important thing is that it forces them to slow down.

It's still funny to wind them up though.

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