BLACK HOLE FUN. Mike Andrew’s Wicked Honda CB1300 Muscle Racer

      From the land of the long white cloud, one man experienced the best and worst of life as he built his dream machine.

      3y ago


      Motorcycles are more than just moving pieces of metal or basic transportation, for those of us who truly love the two-wheeled world, each bike becomes a chapter in our life’s tale. For every thrilling moment shared, taking that perfect line through your favourite bend there can be moments of chaos and pain; high siding at any speed feels like getting beaten up on what was meant to be fun-filled Friday night! And so it goes that from the land of the long white cloud one man experienced the best and worst of life as he built his dream machine. The result is this low and lean beast that started life as a 1997 CB1300 X4 JDM only model and will one day retire to the lounge room of Mike Andrews, on New Zealand’s north island.

      The CB1300 X4 was Honda’s response to the street beast VMX from Yamaha, but Honda never got it right as the X4 was always that one step behind. Despite being a JDM bike, examples made their way around the world, Germany has a cult following, and this one made its way south to NZ. When Mike found this CB in 2015 it had clearly seen better days, in fact a good friend rang the night before begging him not to buy it, “it’s ugly, he said, someone had painted it with vinyl spray at some stage, someone else had tried to clean that off. It had been resprayed a flat red with a cut paw on the tank.”



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