Black Pearl

If Jack Sparrow could ride a motorbike, this for sure would be his choice.

40w ago

We now can say we have a pretty good experience on Triumph Bonnevilles since we have been modifying them for ten or so years. This very example is not totally unpublished but recently we had to make some adjustments to it so this is a good opportunity to show it to the world.

From the beginning this project was set as a collaboration beetween Greaser Garage and our friend and Triumph specialist Iuri Moto from Genoa aswell.

It started his life as a common model but his owner Mario desired something different and more personal: very personal. The inspiration was taken by a movie, and this wouldn't be so unfamiliar in this world because there are a bunch of classics that are often used as a starting point.

This time however we're not talking about "Gone in 60 seconds" or "Easy rider": everything in fact is referred to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Maybe this idea was due to Mario's activities, linesman in the port of Genoa and actor in his spare time. Or maybe it's because Mario has some resembleance with Johnny Depp character... anyway the Black Pearl project was given the green light so we started take everything apart.

The theme was to make it more pirate-styled by adding a lot of dents, rust, scrubs....everything obviously under a thick layer of clear coat no to lose the overall well-kept look.

The Triumph logo has been reproduced in a brass finish and works really well with the custom-finished tank.

The front end is a nice introduction to the bike soul thanks to some details like the surgical stiches applied to handcrafted headlight cover or the headlight and the engraved name on the steering plate.

The paint job is a mix of different works made directly on the metal: it looks like something out of a steampunk graphic novel.

The valce cover and the side carters have been covered in a unique color scheme based on a sort of ruined gold that look incredibly deep under the lights.

The gas tank cap has Mario's year of birth impressed on to remind a wax seal. In the photo below you can see the new footrests and the raw protection of the brake fluid pump.

The big stock instruments have been replaced with a super tiny motogadget digital unit: now the view from the ride position is completely clear.

The tank is coverd with the same multi-color paint scheme and it's possible to see a ghost-like pirate skull beetween the metal patches welded on it.

The custom exhaust headers have been covered with heat-resistant golden tape while the whole engine block has been painted matt black with naked metal edges.

The new silencer is from Leovince and its curved shape looks like those used by MotoGp bikes.

Mario decided to have the frame covered in army-style olive green paint and to replace the stock side covers with smaller metal parts wrapped in Jute canvas.

This close up lets you see the peculiar rotten gold finishing on the transmission carter.

Another zoom to have a better look on one of the metal patches welded on the gas tank that are there to emphatize the "survivor" look.

As you can see now the bikes sits a lot closer to the ground thanks to new Bitubo suspensions. The Black Pearl dates back to 2012 but recently underwent a complete make-over to keep it up-to-date.

In the end we were able to realize another different take on a common base we're really getting used to work on. Get 'em lads!!

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