Black Spur - The greatest driving road in Australia

Why Black Spur is the best road for any driving enthusiast in Australia.

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Located between the small towns of Healesville and Narbethong in the state of Victoria, about 60Km north-east of Melbourne on the Maroondah highway, the Black Spur is a smooth and twisty 30km long road surrounded by rainforests and serenity.

Originally known as the "Blacks Spur" (named after the route taken by displacing native aboriginal people) It has been a pathway through Victoria since the 1890s, and a photography spot since at least 1883.

What makes a good driving road you may ask? Well I think that answer differs for everyone. For me, twisty corners and bends is what makes driving fun, but a beautiful surround is what makes it serene, which is the icing on the cake on why the Black Spur is the greatest road in Australia.

Just lower the windows get a whiff of the Australian bush as you pass through the rainforest. Gaze up at the immense mountain ash trees, which scatter the sunlight on the cool understorey of green ferns below. At the base of the Black Spur you will find Fernshaw picnic area with rest facilities. You can also utilise the picnic facilities at Dom Dom in Marysville State Forest.

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Comments (17)

  • Is this the stretch of road upon which an area of the Forza Horizon 3 map is based? It looks a lot like it, and the geographical location would be correct (the Maroondah Dam which appears in the game is near Healesville, if I remember correctly).

      12 days ago
  • remember driving on roads like these in forza horizon 3

      12 days ago
  • Maybe we can sneak this road in as a rally stage in WRC...unless the Asia Pacific Rally Championship already is using this road.

      12 days ago
  • One of many fabulous roads in that part of the world, the Black Spur. I’ve usually found Reefton Spur to be a lot quieter though, to be fair. Acheron Way is good fun if you’ve got all-wheel drive as well!

      12 days ago
  • Too many tourists during the day can’t go fast... great fun around 7pm when it’s still light tho!!

      13 days ago