Blast from the past: 5 of the coolest DTM cars


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The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters was the successor to the former Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft which ended quite abruptly in 1996 due to financial worries. Luckily in 2000 the DTM series was brought to life albeit with a rather rocky start due to sponsorship issues and other little niggles but it remains one of the most exciting racing series to date.

Opel Astra

One of the original entries, the Opel Astra is definitely my favourite purely because the road going car was a bit of a shamble, but despite that Opel entered it into the DTM series and it could match, if not outclass, Mercedes with their C-Class.

Appearing in multiple video games boosted the popularity of the Astra and DTM itself, especially while sporting the bright yellow body with a blue rear end.

BMW M3 E30

The E30 is perhaps one of the most overrated cars but the example entered into the DTM series is definitely up there with one of the coolest cars ever made. Wearing a white painted body with the blue and red M racing stripes, it wasn't overly successful and was dominated by Mercedes in the championship but it still deserves a place on this list.

Alfa Romeo 155

At the time Alfa Romeo absolutely dominated in the Italian Championship winning 12 out of 20 races, fueling their need to win even more. Sticking to the touring car design, Alfa entered DTM with their 155 in 1993 and won the championship first time, forcing Mercedes to completely redesign their car just to make it on par with Alfa. Although it never went on to win another championship, it still won races and looked cool as hell doing it.

Merccedes C-Class (W202)

Mercedes have been the most capable manufacturer in DTM over the years which makes it hard to pick out which year provided the best car, but for me the W202 stands out that little bit more. Competing in the 90s, it was fast, aggressive and agile for its size making it more than worthy of keeping up with the rest of the field.

Audi TT

The TT didn't fend well at all. Audi faced a tough learning curve which was shown with disappointing results throughout the 2000 season, particularly the first few races. Luckily the following year allowed a slightly longer wheelbase which helped improve the car massively, meaning the TT was competitive and even more so in the 2003 season.

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