Blast from the Past - The 220Hp/620Kg MR-2 AW11 Gymkhana Monster

Today´s "Nostalgia Trip" will take us again to the All Japan Gymkhana Series and the Toyota MR2 AW11 that fought for several championships in the late 80´s and early 90´s. A 4AGE powered mid-engined machine, here you will watch it on its second evolution featuring additional Aerodynamic appendages likes the Rear Wing and side skirts, but also its engine stroked to 1775cc, producing around 220Hp/8.500Rpm. Mocing only 620Kg, this was tremendously nimble thing.

It also featured very interesting methods in its engineering, with a lot of TRD expertise in its development with the most curious thing being how much effort was put into having the most perfect weight distribution possible. Not only the division of back to front was considered, but also from right to left with the engine being moved further into the middle of the car and to the left side of the driver who was positioned n the right side as is the norm on Japan.

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