Blending Porsche's heritage with new Technology - the new 911 cabin walkaround

2y ago

We have seen many videos of the recently announced next generation Porsche 911. The video below is probably one of the best videos to date showing the interior of the new 911, Type 992. The 911 Carrera S in the video is optioned with the wood trim and full leather interior. The new centre console can be seen, with the only odd feature being the out to place centre cupholder. The footage also shows the new Porsche Communication Management with touch, along with the updated instrument dials. The instruments have been updated and modernised. The central rev counter is now flanked by two digital dials either side thus keeping the iconic five dial layout updated, yet unchanged. Anyway, some great interior and exterior footage from AutoMoto Tube of the new Porsche 911. After you watch the video, let me know your thoughts below on the new interior design. #Porsche #thenew911 #timelessmachine

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