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BLIP: Achievable 3 car garage

I don't have too fancy of a taste. All 3 of my choices have a purpose and in the good used market, they're probably less than a 2021 well equipped F150 aka the best selling vehicle in the US.

Any who, these are it 🙂 So far..... 1 outta 3 lol

-3rd gen LS460

-C6 Zed oh Six

-Tundra single cab, short bed, V8 4x4 in blue. Preferably with the factory BBS wheels

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  • Hmmm. Perfect (reasonably priced) 3 car garage eh?

    Luxo: Chevy SS is pretty expensive, as is the second gen Caddy CTS-V....So i'll go with a first gen CTS-V or possibly a Pontiac GTO. The point is LS power and a 6-speed manual, along with a nice enough ride to go on a long road trip.

    Fun: NA/NB/ND Miata (sorry, don't like the NC.) Even a CTS-V is kinda pricey, so i'm saving money here and just going with the bare bones essential driving experience. Speed and flashiness can come from my other two vehicles.

    Utility: I really want to go with X-Runner here, but I think at least one car with four driven wheels would be a plus. First generation X5 (with a M/T) or a Cayenne GTS (1st gen GTS...with an M/T) would be cool. Both are probably unobtanium. FJ Cruisers are out thanks to being super over priced, so i'll go with a Subaru Baja, preferably with the turbo engine so I can get a manual with it.

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