BLOCK PARTY. H Garage’s Savage Honda Valkyrie Streetfighter

Kentucky's Scott Halbleib has been successful in the corporate world, but where he truly excels is build custom motorcycles...

2y ago

You know it for its Bourbon, Derby and Fried Chicken, but the Bluegrass State of Kentucky celebrated for its fertile pastures, is a place where you get back what you put in. That’s meant Scott Halbleib has been successful in the corporate world, been a bartender and grafted as a carpenter; but where he truly excels is building custom motorcycles. The owner of H Garage is also no stranger to the ups and downs of life but infused with his father’s love and hard work he finds a way to make the best of any situation. That’s truly embodied in his latest build, a once big and boring 2014 Honda Valkyrie that he’s expertly sculpted into a sophisticated 21st century street fighter.

With gasoline in his veins and a true biker at heart, Scott is also the organiser of the Kentucky Kick Down Motorcycle Festival, a 3 day vintage bike extravaganza. But after it’s over comes the predictable comedown, “It’s the post Kickdown slow down at the shop. So much time is spent organising and promoting the show from mid summer on, the shop slows a bit. So it’s time to find some Winter clients and get back to work,” Scott tell us. It was around this time he received a cold call, with a guy wanting his 2014 Valk customised. The first reaction was to find a way to let him down nicely… until the creative wheels started turning!


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Comments (4)

  • What an abomination. Horrid from every angle. Too much Kentucky bourbon perhaps?

      2 years ago
  • I absolutely love that. Like something Robocop would ride. I can see why it splits opinion but if I had to have a cruiser that wasn't a Diavel, it'd be this

      2 years ago
  • That bike looks blocky and ugly. Motorcycles are supposed to be smooth and curvy

      2 years ago