Blood Brothers

2y ago


- You can read (and watch) all about Eric Hutchison's Electric Ferrari 308 in our earlier article on Tribe Nation - Magnum EV. These are just a few extra photos that I thought might be worth sharing
- Perhaps the biggest giveaway as to what you're looking at..
- The very neat installation by EV West. The contactor box is billet aluminium
- More batteries in the front
- The original open gate sadly didn't work with the new Porsche G50 gearbox.
- Neat new badge where once there was a Pininfarina
- There are three AC-51 HPEVS motors (the red cylinders) installed in a 'V' formation
- The vipers' nest of cables seen through the rear slats.
- Brakes are by Wilwood
- More grip to go with the increased power
- Something's missing...
- Magnum EV
- Although I think the black BBS rims sit well in the arches, personally I would prefer to see more original wheels to keep the Q-car vibe
- Love the round rear lights. I can see a lot of F355 in this shot
- Bubbling betrays the fire that marked the end of this car's previous life
- Brimmed
- Love the logo hiding behind the grille
- And then Eric revealed that he had another 308
- He had just sold this one as its condition was so original that restoration rather than reinvention was the only proper thing to do with it. The man's not a monster
- Some might say it was tatty, but we prefer to think of it as having patina
- Simple key in front of the classic gate
- Sliding controls between the seats
- 180mph probably optimistic
- The transversely mounted, 90 degree V8
- Although the name 308 suggests a 3-litre engine, it actually only displaces 2927cc
- What the EV is missing
- What an original badge in front of the rear wheel looks like
- For better or worse, all photos were taken by me using a Lumix GX80 with a 25mm lens. There was no processing other than cropping Jethro out of this one (he wouldn't have thanked me for showing the face he was pulling!)

Two very different Ferrari 308s; one as original as you like, the other with a new heart