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The Porsche Experience Centre in LA has just celebrated its first birthday. Cue the cake. #Porsche #Blowout

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  • Takes a Turbo to do it.

    1 year ago
  • Yes, yes YES! But onto more important things... at least for selfish and unreasonable me... my GT3 Touring is confirmed, dealer spoke to the factory yesterday re: options and it is still impossible to order a Touring with a half cage and 12 O'Clock marking. Why, Oh WHY?

    1 year ago
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    • Congratulations Mark! You lucky, lucky man. What colour? ^BJWS

      1 year ago
    • Flat black of course without privacy glazing to respect the original window shape but with black wheels... might have to protect the soft paint with a plastic film wrap?

      1 year ago
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