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Blow Your Vuvuzela to the South Africa Tribe

Bringing the Rainbow Nation into DriveTribe

South Africa is known to have a diverse community of many people, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, amazing animals and contrasting cultures that expands across all nine of its provinces. Each are unique and different in their own way and this, of course, extends to our motoring culture.

Now, after so long, our motoring community will is also have a place to dive into with their very own tribe.

What is the tribe about?

As the title says. Its about bringing South Africa and cars onto one place where you can talk about the braai you're having on the back of your bakkie or wanting to share your experience of our local events that will leave your petrolhead side revving.

Photo by Wade Lambert

Photo by Wade Lambert

Are there limits to what I can post?

No there are no limits at all. Your choices are unlimited. Well, almost unlimited but whether it's a article about taking a road trip across the Groot Karoo, that Toyota Hilux you spotted sitting outside of your local store or simple single pictures of that car show you visited - it's all welcome.

All you need to do is join or if you don't have a account yet, sign in with either via Email/Gmail or Facebook then you can get posting and share your experience with many others here on the South African tribe. If you have anymore inquiries either message Brian Wait or myself.

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