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Blue concept cars

Opel Performance Center has brought us some great cars. But let's discuss the ones we never got.

Corsa C OPC

After updating the Astra OPC from 163 Hp to 200 Hp there rose a gap for a smaller OPC. And so in 2002 Opel presented the Corsa OPC concept on the Essen Motorshow. The car was equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged 4 cylinder sending 175 Hp and 210Nm torque to the front wheels.

On the outside Opel obviously painted the Corsa blue, they also gave it new bumpers and they've widened it. The car was 25 mm closer to the street then the standard Corsa and the wheels that made sure the car was actually able to drive were equipped with big 17" rims. They didn't stop there, the interior featured blue alcantara sport seats and they didn't forgot about the steering wheel.

Unfortunately it never made into production, partly because the Corsa C already was a couple years on the market, besides that the OPC production team wasn't that big and they decided to prioritise the new Astra H. The Corsa D however did get an OPC version.

Opel Corsa D OPC, which did make it into production.

Opel Corsa D OPC, which did make it into production.

2003 Vectra OPC

You're probably thinking (probably not but let's imagine you do) "but there is a Vectra OPC." Yesss there is, but that's the 2005 version based on the facelift of the Vectra. This one was presented at the 2003 Essen Motorshow. This one had a 1.9L CDTI engine, what a diesel!!? Yes a diesel. Opel equipped their 1.9L diesel engine with two turbochargers, resulting in a power output of 212 Hp and peak torque of 400(!) Nm available from 1400 to 3000 rpm. Getting this very blue sedan from 0 to 100 kph in just 6.4 seconds.

Besides painting the Vectra blue, Opel added new bumpers, skirts, a different grille and stunning rims. Resulting in a great looking car.

Opel Astra X-treme

This one is a bit of a outsider, it's not blue and it was introduced on the Autosalon Geneva. It's 2001 and Opel decided they needed to show the world of what they're capable of. OPC took a DTM racer Astra like this:

And made sure it earned two licence plates. It was almost a 1:1 copy of that car from the outside, it even got the crazy wings, they added a second bucket seat, some OPC rims and a bit of a different interior.

It looks super agressive, but the biggest surprise was under the bonnet. There was a 4 liter V8 there, producing a whopping 444 Hp, pushing the car to 100 kph in just 4 seconds and on full throttle it went on to 330 kph (205 mph for the citizen of some weird countries) being as fast as a Lamborghini Murciélago. Despite some rich customers wanting to add this Astra to their collection, Opel decided not to produce a small amount of them. Resulting in this being a unreachable car.

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