Blue Ovals For Tight Corners

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After some GM overflow in the last posts we are now heading to the initial pony car, the Ford Mustang. Over here in Europe it is more of a rare sight on a race track. But as we all know, with some effort everything can be a track toy...and in a Mustang we have a roary V8 in front and the driven wheels in the rear department, so what could possibly go wrong? Correct...nothing!

Of course we can build our car from scratch with everything the aftermarket can deliver...but from my own experience we often start to wrench more than we drive. Not everyone has this patience so why not look out for some track ready models? You only have to adjust your seating position and fill it up with gasoline...sounds tempting? So have a look at these three special editions from the last generations of Mustangs:

2000 Mustang Cobra R, who else would like to know what it could do today with some up to date tires?

In the year 2000 Ford went all out. It must have been, periodically corrected, the most radical track ready Mustang ever.

For that time the most amazing mod was the independet rear no one was able to say "Don't waste your time with the solid rear on the track" again. Add some 18" wheels with grippy 265mm wide BFGoodrich tires, 4-pot Brembos with 13" rotors in front, many suspension mods, massive aero and a 5.4l engine which was rated with 385HP...but was known for a lot more on the dyno. With about 1600kg no lightweight..but hey, compared to today's cars not that bad at all.

Only 300 were made, so big probs for everyone who is still out there driving these instead of storing them!

Here is a short test where the Cobra R appears, be careful with your HD-pampered eyes, it could maybe hurt a bit:

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Short comparison with the Mustang Cobra R -> via Youtube Channel from hoi230

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca

Let's make a big 11-year jump to the Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition. Another car that obviously was made for the track day people out there. It was bridging the gap between the "normal" boss 302 and the track only 302R.

A lot of the ingredients we know from the Cobra R, just without the independent rear..but otherwise improved suspension with extra braces, Torsen Diff, big rear wing and a massive front splitter, R-compound tires on lightweight wheels and a 444HP 5.0l engine coupled to a 6-speed. No more rear seats and no comfort options maintained a weight of about 1650kg. As cars were getting fatter and fatter by this time again not to shabby for a modern Muscle Car.

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Will Randy Pobst approve...go out on a drive with him -> via MotorTrend Youtube channel

2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/R - Welcome to the Supercar League

Now, back in the present we have the ultimate contender to a Z28, Z06, but also GT3s, M3/4s or whatsoever.

The 526HP flat-plane Voodoo NA 5.2l with it's aggressive sound and all the other good stuff on board a modern sports car should have today will make this the fastes Mustang so far.

7:32min on the Nürburgring, nothing else to say here.

You will find a very detailed article from Car & Driver here which also seperates the option between the 350 and the 350R, very nice (long but worthy) read (scroll a bit down):


And now open up your ears:

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Shelby GT350R Test drive -> via MotorTrend Youtube channel

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