I introduced my wife to Steve, last year at Vintage, with the words “Honey, this is the guy that takes all my money”. A bunch of the guys in the group, setting up a beer tent, nodded and reaffirmed my statement. But the below story is more than just a tale of a salesman who deals BMW parts. It is a story of a guy, a dude, driven by the passion of BMW, a stand-up friend who started something back more than a decade and a half ago just for the sake of helping the community. Meet Stephen Petersen, aka Blunttech.

I phoned Steve on the verge of Vintage 2017 about this written piece. He has just gotten off his bicycle, cycling recreationally and we got on talking. This is what he told me.

It really started as a joke, but then I couldn’t change it.

Steve Petersen

Steve was a long time Muscle car guy until his oldest son dragged him into Bavarian Iron. You guessed it right - E30 318is. Personally, I feel spoiled I have never really driven anything but BMWs to really fully appreciate the difference, but Steve was blown away by that E30 that his son got. Not long after, he was after his very own E30. As soon as the car landed in his driveway, all the way from sunny Florida (Blunttech is in Minnesota) the engine was out of it. He did something radical for the time, circa early 2000s. Steve dropped an S52 in that chassis. For the non-BMW nerds that is an engine from the mid ‘90s E36 M3. It is fair to say it was one of the very first swaps of its kind. For the Roundel readers, you will recognize his car from the cover page.

Roundel Cover, from 2006.

Roundel Cover, from 2006.

You can read more about the car and the build on EuroTuner Magazine.

This rodeo was just the beginning. Steve realized soon enough that the community needs some support in terms of group buys. He is not one of the guys to just sit around, but rather grab the bull by the horns. It all started with the infamous E10 2002 door seals. Steve came up with a group buy that was meant to sell only a few double digit counts. In the first week, he was in the three hundreds. It wasn’t for the profit, but for the people he helped out. Also Steve was captivated by a certain photo of a 2002. The next project was lined out.

Once again, this car became magazine material with its S14 swap. Can you say /// M2? Yes, Steve and his dad came up with something BMW wasn’t capable of - a twist of lightweight E10 chassis and one of the most iconic BMW Motorsport engines, out of an E30 M3. The sentimental value of this car was quite high for the owner, as it was one of the last projects he built with his dad. It was more of the time spent together, rather than the actual car. It is fair to say, this was and remains the flagship of Blunttech.

Since this built, Steve has owned a few more cars. Actually, he admits his wife has no clue how many cars he has - She thinks maybe 4 or 5. He has stashed them away so well that only he is aware of the total number. Good Job!

Steve-and-son ride for TexFest 8

Steve-and-son ride for TexFest 8

The first time, I met Blunttech was at Vintage 2013, while he was washing his car at the infamous Hawthorne Hotel, home of many Vintage gatherings. He was in his RV and a rather questionable looking E12, built by Jake @ Classicdaily. Well, said car was packing 400HP under the hood in the form of an American Iron - LSx with a T56 manual transmission. I recall riding in the back seat of this car, with a grin like the Joker, when the trunk floor hit the highway in 3rd gear at 80mph. Fond memories.

What happened after that group buy of 2002 door seals? Well, Steve’s youngest boy was working at BMW at the time, so this enabled him to give back the community at a competitive price. Soon before you know it he created his fast developing business, which outgrew his personal home. Those were the times before Amazon prime and all. Blunttech says, his always supporting wife, advised it’s time to move on to a bigger place, as the living room was no longer capable of having guests but was rather turned into a warehouse. When I asked Steve, why Blunttech as a brand, this is the reply I got:

“Itʼs really dumb, dude. I never really mean to start a business. My screen name was blunt head trauma, as my sisters always said I wasn’t right in the head. So people just started calling me that. It really started as a joke but then I couldn’t change it.”

I have personally been shopping with Steve, who has provided me personal attention on a Sunday night at 8PM on a few occasions, multiple times. I have built my E34 540i/6, E28 533i/5, E23 745i (#1), E39 M5, E23 745i (#2), all of my E28 M5 and now my #dailyvintagerides E34 S50 Touring entirely with Blunttech supplied parts. Why? Because of this personal attention to details, where it always feels like you are dealing directly with him. There are a few guys helping him run the magic nowadays, and they all do an amazing job. I have to say keep doing what you’re doing guys, and looking forward to seeing you at Vintage 2017, in yours and ClassiDaily built - E30 M3 with an S85 V10 swap …. THE HAMMER!!!

Stay tuned. This one must be one of its kind, in the US! Above is a video of the first start up of the car, with less than a week left before the event. Jake and co @ ClassicDaily are also virtuoso.

As Steve says, every gathering has to show a different ride - E10 for ʼ02 Fests, E30 for Bimmerfest and like, and potentially an E28 soon. Maybe the community could give back to him by finding a fitting Blunttech ride.

Meanwhile, enjoy one of Classic Daily, LLC weekly videos.


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