BMW 2002 tii

"Do I not like orange!" but in this case I'll make an exception

Check out this stunning BMW 2002 tii that I saw in May this year. I got talking to the owner about it and he told me of its rebuild from an eBay barn find bare metal rebuild, and if you look closely at my images you can see the photo album showing the build progress. The owner admitted that it's a show pony and it gets trailered from show to show, which is bit of a shame, but then, he's left the perfect excuse to build another one and use it as nature intended.

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Comments (6)

  • I don't know why, but BBS only look good on BMW"s IMHO

      5 years ago
  • Love the period bbs'

      5 years ago
  • one of my all-time favourite cars. In a great colour too. Such a shame that it doesn't get used as the designers intended.

      5 years ago
  • Gorgeous

      5 years ago
  • Sorry Neil, that's your lot. Awesome car though, isn't it. though I think I'd like it more if it had stone chips and worn tyres.

      5 years ago