BMW 2002 Turbo from Minichamps 1/18 scale!

This is a rare case when the sealed diecast model is actually the one to get versus its fully opening counterparts. This recent release from Minichamps was by no means a bargain, but when the alternatives are twice or triple, sometimes even four times more expensive, you jump on it.

I like my kidneys too much to give one up for a legendary AutoArt or Kyosho. Getting burned on auctions for lowly Ansons going for over $100 grew tiresome. Enough was enough; a sealed diecast car was the trade off I was going to have to make to get this icon on my shelf.

On to the model: it is what it is. Its a sealed diecast model, not resin, which costs the same as a resin model of the same caliber, but I’m not allowed to complain to you guys that the car is “expensive plastic” or whatever we say about resin models these days. Now that I’ve got a few of each in my arsenal, I have to say I prefer my sealed models resin. My Otto’s and GT Spirits weigh the same as this little guy, but the paint and the body detail is miles better than this MC, my E28 Norev, and my two Triple9 models. Minichamps’s model is definitely the best out of the diecast bunch, though.; the 2002's front wheels still steer and are pose-able .

These cars should be fairly easy to find, if you should want one for yourself. At around $100, they’re nothing to sneeze at, but there should be plenty of outlets to shop around. Its still a recent release, and Minichamps did a white and a silver one.

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Comments (8)

  • This is a masterclass in miniature photography, well done!

    ps. Please share camera, lens and exposure details!

      2 years ago
    • Wow thanks for the kind words! Shot with a Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens. 100 ISO, f/5.6, 1/15s

      Shameless plug: sn210 on Instagram!

        2 years ago
    • Very cool....50mm lenses are most underrated yet are often the most versatile lenses in the bag!

        2 years ago
  • Gorgeous

      2 years ago
  • I wish I had a minichamps but they be for like 300 dollar$

      2 years ago