BMW 3-Series E36: Got Aero?


4y ago

I am one of those that think every racecar is a show car. When I started with this everything-but-exiting 323i Saloon I knew I wanted to do something you wouldn't normally do for an old 4 door BMW. Those incredible machines shaving seconds at tracks like Tsukuba in Japan were the inspiration.

Starting Image

Starting Image

Can't see much of the front, but you can be sure there's a hell of a splitter working together with those canards peeking out.

I usually like to think: What engine would this have if it was real? This BMW has a relatively small Straight Six under the bonnet, And I don't think that can do the job anymore. Chevrolet LS1 power, perhaps? Nah, Too common. Toyota 2JZ-GTE? Could work... Hey, since this isn't real lets just go crazy; A Ferrari 458 High revving V8? A Massive Lamborghini 6.5lt V12? An earth shaking Mercedes Benz-AMG 6.2lt V8? I'll leave the choice to you.

A subtle set of widebody flares provide the extra couple inches to house a bigger tire to provide the mechanical grip for the slow corners. The rear is where the business' at, though. The diffuser would scrape on every possible thing in the road, but hell it should work in a track. The wing uses a particular setup. Mounted to the now carbon-composite rear window provides a similar design to that one found in the Koenigsegg ONE:1, Using the air channeled from the roof to the rear straight away.

With a curb weight of a little bit over 1,000 kilograms, an imaginary 600-700 HP figure and grip for miles, this 323i should be setting some lap records.

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