BMW 328 & BMW E9 3.0 CSL Batmobile

1y ago


"...a brave person could daily drive their 3.0 CSL if that made them happy – it’s a car that doesn’t mind that kind of regular use. A 328 you’d save for the very special occasions – a fantastic race trough Italy as a participant of the Mille Miglia, or a scenic Sunday drive to the town when you are in the right mood to have all eyes drawn to you. Because in the 328 quite frankly you are cruising down the road in one of the world’s most beautiful cars – like a boss..." Full photo story:

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  • As an amateur photographer speaking, I love the detail of the photos taken here. Really gives the article that extra taste.

    1 year ago
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  • thanks for sharing with us, yet another duo of BMW icons. Posted into Best of Classics, by yours truly Classics Ambassador.

    1 year ago
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Never mind Ford vs Ferrari, what abou​t Saleen vs Ferrari?
T​his is the 150mph tractor that Jeremy Clarkson should buy for his farm