- 2​021 BMW 4 series coupe

B​MW 4 series: the nightmare...

A​s seen on this new spy shot, the 4 series concept's grille was the real thing...

1y ago
B​MW 4 Concept

B​MW 4 Concept

T​he headlights will be larger than the nice ones on the concept. But the grille will pretty much be the same. Which is the exact opposite of what they should have done.

T​hat huge BMW grille is one of the worst design element I have seen in years. On any car. This goes to show how douchy, vulgar taste is now prominent everywhere, including car designs.

T​his is really too bad for BMW. While at the same time, Mercedes is going back to simplifying all its designs. To the point of almost "bland and boring". But at least, they are not so tacky.

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