BMW 8 Series Launched alongside BMW E9

The Romanian BMW 8 Series Coupe launch was a special occasion but not just because a BMW E9 was present.

The people from BMW Romania are actual geniuses when it comes to launching a new model on the local market. Whereas other brands choose fancy night-clubs and flashy locations to showcase their latest offerings, the BMW people usually go for history-filled locations, which actually mean something to the brand or the people.

​For the launch of the BMW 8 Series, the PR representative decided to write a story in the memory of every single participant invited. Therefore, instead of going for an unveiling alongside the original 8 Series, he went even further back in time and brought out an original BMW E9 Coupe, the forefather of all Coupe models in the BMW range today if you will. The E9 was the first BMW Coupe made without a B-Pillar and that always gave it a special look, no matter what side you were checking it out from. This particular E9 is even more special as it used to belong to the son of Romania's notorious tyrant, Nicolae Ceausescu. Apparently, the car was destroyed right after the communist regime was toppled but somehow found and restored by dedicated, passionate people and ended up looking bloody brilliant, as you can see in these shots.

​That wasn't the only surprise in store for us that day though. The location picked for this special occasion had a lot of history behind it as well, filled with horsepower and smoke. This is the Filaret Electrical Plant which was open 110 years ago. Back then it was the main power source for the country's capital, producing electricity via huge diesel engines good for some 675 HP each. Therefore, this hall had been used to humongous amounts of power long some 60 years before the E9 even came along and 110 years before the new 8 Series arrived.

​Last but definitely not least, BMW invited special guests to entertain the crowd before the veils were taken off. BMW has joined forces with SoNoRo - a classical music festival - for about 10 years now and the collaboration saw some of their best artists come round and sing for the crowd. Few people actually know this but BMW actually had a march written back in 1930 by Frank Anatol. One score is kept in the BMW Classic vault these days and was played for the audience, just before the guys from Recoveco stepped in to delight us with their tangos and classic south-american songs. After getting a proper dose of the goosebumps, we finally got to see the two cars side to side. Should I mention that the E9 was getting more attention than the new kid?

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