BMW adds new M4 GT4 experience and race school

At the BMW Performance Center West, you can hop behind the wheel of a race ready M4 GT4 or begin your pro racing career with a new racing school.

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BMW recently announced a slew of new driving experiences available at the BMW Performance Center West located at Thermal, California - The BMW M and M4 GT4 Experience, the M4 GT4 Private Coaching with Data and Video Session and the Race Licensing School.

The highlight of all of the experiences and curriculum is the race ready BMW M4 GT4. The track weapon, based on the 2020 BMW M4, features the same 3.0-liter S55 inline 6-cylinder engine as the streetcar and pushes out 430 horsepower accessible at your fingertips through the 7-speed dual clutch transmission. A big ol' rear wing, front splitter and Continental racing tires to make sure you can make it through any on track situation. The vehicle retails for $210,000.

BMW M and M4 GT4 Experience - $2,795

According to BMW, a full-day program for the BMW M and M4 GT4 Experience includes driving various BMW M cars and the M4 GT4 race car.

The drivers start with a classroom session to educate you on driving technique then educated on the vehicle. You are then fitted with your own racing suit and helmet, then it’s time to hit the track. You experience laps behind a BMW instructor to experience the M4 GT4 and achieve speeds up to 140 mph.

Included with the package is VBOX data and video system in the M4 GT4 to record the session, access to professional instructors, trackside crew and support, all driving gear for the duration of the class including racing suit, helmet, gloves and shoes, lunch at the BMW Performance Center café, and perhaps most importantly insurance, with a $2,500 deductible for vehicle or property damage.

M4 GT4 Private Coaching with Data & Video - $4,995

This program gets down to business. You get to drive the BMW M4 GT4 for 125 miles.

If 125 miles isn't enough, is it ever? You have the ability to purchase more miles on the day of your training program. The program is designed for one driver. However, two drivers sharing a car can be arranged upon request. Dream date night?

M4 GT4 Private Coaching with Data & Video - $9,995

Double the mileage, double the fun. Basically the like the 125 program mentioned above, but with double the miles giving you 250 miles to play around in the M4 GT4s with.

Race License School: The Path to Professional - $2495

Playing around in race cars is very cool, but starting a path to become a racecar driver is completely different. Luckily BMW has you covered with a new SCCA-certified school program.

After you take the BMW Performance Center's Advanced M School or Two-Day M School, you can graduate to enter their new race school program. Sign me up!

For more information and get yourself behind the wheel of one of these BMW M4 GT4s, visit bmwperformancecenter.com

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  • So they not only want ban gas cars but also build a great race school. Only in America

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