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B​MW and Jaguar Land Rover are joining forces

​The two manufacturers will attempt to develop the next generation of technology for electric and hybrid cars together.

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​We as consumers are all too aware that when something new I say introduced it can very hurtful to our wallets and purses. Take the the Tesla cars for example, very posh looking, very new and very expensive. But where it hits us, it also hits the manufacturers as well.

A​s with anything anything new, there has to be development, especially with electric cars as they are yet to win us all over. Car maker’s are working tirelessly to make the electric and hybrid car driving experience better and cheaper. So BMW and Jaguar Land Rover have decided to combine their efforts and work on building the next generation of electric drive systems, in a bid to make electric cars more profitable.

C​hances are we will not see the fruits of their labour for quite some time. Neither manufacturing giant has offered any kind of time frame on the project.

J​aguar i-Pace

J​aguar i-Pace

K​laus Fröhlich, a board member for R&D at BMW said “Together, we have the opportunity to cater more effectively for customer needs by shortening development time and bringing vehicles and state-of-the-art technologies more rapidly to market.”

T​his collaboration clearly makes a lot sense considering the world is moving into an electric era, but also as Jaguar Land Rover is reported to have taken a £3.6 billion loss over its financial year. The move by the two companies will have included a joint investment, at the moment we do not how much has been put on the table and it is likely that we will not find out.

T​his is an exciting move for the two companies as they are both somewhat heading in the same direction. Land Rover have their plug-in-hybrid Evoque and a new Discovery coming out and BMW will be launching the electric iX3 and i4 next year.

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