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BMW Announces its first three kill victims

6w ago


Three cars have been confirmed to not get a 2020 model in BMW's line up. This is due to the future plans of BMW. For BMW in the future the vehicle it manufacture are more to have a EV focus hence, the cuts have begun.

In the past BMW did announce that it would cut cars that are not cost effective and focus those resources towards the development of their EVs. BMW have announced an i4 based on the BMW 2017 iVision Dynamics Concept and is currently in development due for a release in a year or two. Modifications for the i3 are in development for extending the range and making the car perform better is expected next year.

Hence, making a cut came to these three models - the 3 series GT, The 6 series GT and 6 series Gran Coupe. These are those models that have fastback style bodies, which are neither hatchbacks nor wagons nor SUVs nor saloons and their car categorisation seems like they don't fit anywhere.

This brings to me to asking you this? Is this a good cut of by BMW of these 3 models? Let me know in the comment.

BMW 3 Series GT. Pic Credit: BMW Blog

BMW 6 series GT. Pic Credit: overdrive.in

BMW 6 series Grand Coupe. Pic Credit: parker.co.uk

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