BMW Announces New Test Mule Camo Pattern

1y ago


Now that automakers understand there is no point in trying to be surreptitious about test mules because everyone has a cell phone with a half-decent camera and an Instagram account. They have accepted this and decided to jump out in front of it, often leaking their own pictures. BMW has now taken it a step further with their latest press release:

You saw the Z4, correct? Will you be surprised when we show it next week? No.

Dr. Ura Lösser

"Today BMW shows off its latest pride. iDeWrapCam™ is an innovative approach to contrasting colors interrupting and intersecting each other in order to break up the shape of our next car during its final testing phase. Its complex forms will both keep people guessing what the car looks like while bringing a new art form to the masses reminiscent of the BMW Art Car Project. Oh my God nobody will swallow this what have I done with my life I have a degree in English language and journalism I should never have bought such a big house before the divorce."

Confused as to why BMW would release a camouflage pattern before they had a car to put it on, we reached out to our favorite BMW PR representative, Dr. Ura Lösser. She's a frank Frankfurter we can always rely on for some straight talk.

"It will generate the hype earlier and we understand, it does not work but now we have no surprises left by the time the product is finished. You saw the Z4, correct? Will you be surprised when we show it next week? No (Laughs). Now our only hope is to generate the excitement like this and hope it sticks. We will change the pretty pattern a few times through the development period and use the blogs desperate for news 20 times a day to keep their interest."

It's an interesting idea that fills us full of despair. What do you think? Will it make the endless forced excitement of spy-shots and endless speculation more interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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