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BMW apologises for daring "OK Boomer" post on Twitter

Are fans of the brand offended?

2d ago


Apparently, the controversy over the BMW iX goes far beyond its atypical styling. Indeed, the communication department of the Bavarian brand is very straightforward! For example, one of the latest publications on BMW's Twitter page has provoked strong reactions.

To justify the daring design of its electric SUV and to counter the numerous criticisms, the German manufacturer did not hesitate to publish a post with a beautiful "OK Boomer", a fashionable expression criticizing the older generations who do not want to conform to current ideas.

A risky move because BMW's clientele is essentially made up of relatively old people. This move obviously offended many fans who clearly didn't see the announcement in a good way. Three days later, the German brand published its apologies following the controversial post.

It claims to be interested in and listen to everyone, regardless of their age. The radical turn taken by BMW in the world of electric mobility will definitely not have finished making people react! In any case, it's the sales of the iX that will end the debate...or not.

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Comments (15)

  • the worst part about it is calling the phrase “meme slang”

      1 day ago
  • BMW really need to stop saying F*ck You to their customer base. Non BMW people just laugh and are happy to commentate (me included) as we won’t be buying BMW’s out of principle however do they shouldn’t alienate their customers and then have to say sorry.

    Not cool BMW!!!!...........and change that hitler grill!!!!!

      1 day ago
  • oml its exactly like how people find karen offensive. its just not

      2 days ago
  • It’s bumpy because there transitioning in design is awkward and bad with enthusiasts and the customer. We dont want the damn lung grilles (because they’re not kidneys), and the misuse of M. BMW knows there general audience and customers. so why are they purposely continuing to f**k up? They need to do better while going with the times in their way. The BMW way.

      2 days ago
  • I dont know wha's worst, BMW trying to be funny about their designer making cars under influence of some strong drugs, or people getting offended by them doing so...

      1 day ago


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