BMW at the Brussels Motor Show

BMW is a major player in the Belgian market and its stage confirms that impression.

2y ago

While the Dream Cars section showcased a considerable fleet of luxury cars, including the exotic far-end of the traditional premium manufacturers’ model ranges, the German trio also showed quite a presence in their own chambers. Mercedes brought a futuristic van concept, and Land Rover even inaugurated a world premiere.

BMW took things back a bit too but still ensured a presence worthy to the Bavarian brand, that in some years, snatched a podium finish in the Belgian market. This stage is still at the levels of international car shows, but I missed the extra firecrackers and the wow factor.

As far as premiers are concerned, BMW brought along cars that could be seen for the first time in Europe, such as the 8 series Cabriolet and the X7 mastodon.

Visitors could also get familiar with the entire BMW line-up from Minis to X5 SUV. The new 3 series debuted in Paris, but I can imagine, most visitors will be attracted by the recently renewed roadster Z4.

The I8 always steals the show, and Brussels is no exception. The I8 Roadster is paired with a charger, and a hostess is giving all the explanations for the visitors who are patient enough to wait for the queue.

The first Mini Morris is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the stage was built around the special anniversary edition model.

The show is closing today, in case you are not able to pay a visit, I recommend to have a peek at the earlier articles and the ones on my page (the complete report on premium brands is a bit more ahead).

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