B​MW B48 / B58 PolarCooler From Forge

Forge Motorsport knows that the modular nature of BMW’s B48 (2.0-litre four cylinder) and the B58 (3.0-litre six cylinder) engines with their 500cc per cylinder capacity leads to exceptionally capable machines direct from the Munich factory. Found across a variety of performance focused machinery, the potential to be unlocked from either engine makes them ripe for tuning and upgrades. This is particularly the case for the B58 as it’s the successor to the much revered N55 turbo straight six that powered all manner of high-po Beemers to truly fearsome numbers and performance claims.

Thanks to the already keen performance claims with power ranging from 181hp in the 120 / 220 / 320 / 420i right up to the lofty heights of 503hp for the S58 performance derivative currently available in the M3, both engines pump out significant power and torque dependent upon model and boost pressure. Such exceptional performance also demands an exceptionally dependable thermal management system for the engine and ancillary components.

T​He PolarCooler from Forge will reduce intake temps massively, particularly useful following a remap or if the car is destined for warmer climates

For those who feel the need to tickle BMWs ECU and play with the binary code within, there’s an obvious upgrade path to keep the tightly packed four and six pot turbocharged engines happy from a heat dissipation perspective.

When seeking big numbers from the B series engines, it clearly pays dividends to keep the intake air, and the associated components that cool it down, as chilled out as possible. That’s where the latest Chargecooler Radiator (PolarCooler) from Forge Motorsport starts to make sense. Available as a standalone unit, this monster radiator (FMCCRAD11) features a considerable increase in both core surface area and volume. What does that mean? Put simply, it cools better. With no fewer than three radiators in the front of the latest BMW bays anything that can be done to keep the tightly packed confines cool is a bonus. Hence Forge now offer a comprehensive range of upgrades for both the B48 / B58 lumps.

After all, there’s no point having loads of power without reliability and control to match.

Increasing the efficiency, cooling and overall performance inevitably leads to grand aspirations for more boost to be pumped through the already potent direct injection engines. Luckily the latest Chargecooler Radiator helps to keep all incoming air for auxiliary cooling at ice cold temps, comes in a durable powder coated black finish and offers a 100% increased volume, with no additional trimming needed to make it fit. The real beauty of Forge’s craftsmanship is that they factor in the ease of install and supply everything that’s needed to make fitting no more than a day’s work, even for the relatively spanner shy.

Using the knowledge gained in developing chargecooler radiators for the Audi S4, AMG A45 and the latest BMW M3 / M4, Forge rely upon a proven testing and development procedure to develop an uprated kit for BMWs silky smooth powerplants. The Forge all-aluminium construction chargecooler radiator offers extra reliability over the OEM type radiator that plastic end tanks that can fail given time. Maximising the available space behind the bumper of the vehicle the Forge chargecooler a 100% increase in volume over the OEM item using an 18 fins per inch louvre tech cooling core. In back to back tests on a dyno this unique design dropped inlet temps by upto 20 degrees C following three consequetive runs.

The radiator is a single pass design with inlet and outlet at diagonal opposites optimising the flow of coolant across the entire radiator core.

Available in a highly durable stain black powdercoated finish, the kit comes with everything necessary to install, all that remains is a few torx bits and a flat bladed screwdriver to slot the chargecooler home beneath the plastic crash structure that now features behind the bumper of BMW’s deceptively rapid machines. With Stage 1 remaps from Litchfield Motors unleashing 435+hp there's no doubt the B58 in particular has masses of untapped potential within.

Suitable for:

BMW 1 Series - F20/F21 LCI from 09/2015 onwards - (120i, 125i, M140i)

BMW 2 Series - F22/F23 LCI from 09/2016 onwards - (220i, 230i, M240i)

BMW 3 Series - F30/F31/F34/F35 LCI from 09/2014 onwards - (320i, 330i, 340i)

BMW 4 Series - F32/F33/F36 LCI from 05/2016 onwards - (420i, 430i, 440i)

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