B​MW cancels YouTuber's finance after tuning £60K M4 to 720hp

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BMW have given Riccardo Senior of LivingLifeFast just a week to pay, threatening to take away his £60,000 BMW M4 Competition, if he fails to cough up the full amount.

BMW says he is in breach of their contract because the car is modified, Ricky has fitted a hybrid turbo, methanol injection, an Armytrix exhaust and various body modifications. The M4 now runs at 720hp, a 276hp increase on the standard car's 444hp.

The Youtuber has made a video in a bid to warn others who may have a car on finance, but are unaware of the problems they may face with their finance company, who can demand payment at any time if their contract is breached.

The problem is that the car is on a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), meaning that there is a deposit, a number of payments and a final payment based on what the car will be worth at the end of the contract. A PCP contract means that the customer could hand the car back at the end of the contract instead of paying the final payment. LivingLifeFast's BMW is modified, meaning it would be typically worth less than a standard used car when BMW came to sell the vehicle to cover the final payment.

Chances are you've probably seen a LivingLiveFast film before, the videos featuring 'Arthur' have received a lot of attention in particular. Arthur is an OAP with an addiction to modified cars. He has featured in LivingLifeFast's videos with his 560hp M135i, 600hp Golf R, and 900hp TTRS.

Do you have sympathy for Ricky's situation?

Or perhaps you've had problems with finance yourself, comment to let us know!

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Comments (340)
  • I don't feel bad for him. He modded a leased car. You have to be some kind of special to not know the risk your taking. In 2019

    5 months ago
    20 Bumps
  • He keeps saying he purchased the car, he didn't and so he probably shouldn't have ruined it.

    The people who want to buy a modified nearly new M4 and the people who could actually afford a nearly new M4 are usually not the same group so he's made this car virtually unsalable because it's now a piece of shit.

    In order to get the finance deal he describes he will have had a huge residual payment and if he availed himself of his right to hand it back it would need to be resold by BMW for the projected value of the residual payment to be met.

    He's trashed that car, now he has to actually buy it and he's not getting finance on anything ever again.

    Maybe next time he should have modded a car he could afford, like people used to; 3k would get him a tasty 15 year old Clio or a nice Citroen but I doubt they're going to attract many followers.

    Living life fast... and entirely on finance.

    5 months ago
    13 Bumps
    • "Not affording" and Financing are not the same thing. I have bought two cars on finance, both of which I could have bought cash if I'd wanted. This comment comes off as bitter more...

      Read more
      5 months ago
      3 Bumps
    • I love this comment! Never have liked his channel, full of himself and now paying the price to try and look cool...lol!

      5 months ago
      3 Bumps


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