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BMW destroyer sets fire to a 7-Series outside of BMW's HQ because why not

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You may remember the sight of a BMW M6 being set upon by sledgehammer-wielding men outside the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was a form of protest by Italian businessman Hadi Pourmohseni who got himself in a major tizzy because his 2008 BMW M6 suffered from vibrations, rattles and gearbox issues which BMW did try to remedy providing the car was in non-sledgehammer condition.

After restoring the M6 back to good sledgehammer free condition, Pourmohseni was at it again at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show where he again beat the crap out of the same car after repairing it. In 2015 he set fire to a poor innocent BMW Z3 because clearly, some people don’t like to move on with their lives.

This time the poor innocent victim was a 7-Series E65 which Pourmohseni parked outside of BMW headquarters and promptly set fire to it. Because it’s well known that setting fire to cars while endangering people for no reason whatsoever gets you sympathy.

The main reason for all this furious anger is that after Pourmohseni refused to continue paying for his leased BMW M6 after the faults began. This then led to a credit default according to German news site Focus Online. Now due to being tarnished with a “loss of creditworthiness”, Pourmohseni has to hand back his M6 which makes perfect sense to everyone in the entire world aside from the man himself who refuses to allow his ‘evidence’ to be taken away.

After setting fire to this E65 Pourmohseni was promptly bundled to the ground by attending Police and hauled away in handcuffs, which is a very fair and obvious result. The local fire service extinguished the car, and thankfully no one was injured aside from the innocent E65 which is beyond repair.

The thing that really gets me about all this is that Pourmohseni has been quoted as saying that his long and ongoing battle will continue. We cannot help but think that perhaps he should just chill out and stop hurting innocent BMW’s because if he hurts an innocent E39, I will not be happy at all.

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BMW M6 Destruction -

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Comments (14)
  • If BMW's are crap, why does he buy more of them? Simply change car manufacturer.

    1 year ago
  • Moron(s) everywhere. Also the eccentric and aggressive types. And he's smiling all the time. He could do something different but the moron had his inner switched on to harass BMW with his own way but there's no respect for what he had done with all three cars. If he wouldn't pay the lease for the M6 he had with problems, then do the right way and have a lawyer to contact BMW and claim for the reason why he doesn't pay and have the major complaint for the car. This man did too much for his eccentric and aggressive personality. On the M6, he's not doing much as the other guy and that's kinda creepy with his smile. Seems like he was happy with having the attention on him. Moron.

    1 year ago


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