BMW driver didn't see what was wrong with this when stopped by police

5d ago


BMW drivers do not have the best reputation when it comes to driving. Whether they are too far up your backside on the M25 or decide to never indicate. Basically, they are a stereotypical nightmare.

However, this BMW driver from Essex has done something even more dangerous than putting a fake 'M' badge on a 325i. The Essex police stopped this convertible the other day due to the very strange and terribly dangerous mattress transporting system.

On the Essex Police Twitter account they said using the face palm emoji, the female driver had told them "it's wedged in the seat so it's okay". Now, I don't know about you, but I have had more secure pieces of paper round my finger than that mattress placement.

It is unknown what the penalty for this rookie error was, but poor loading of a vehicle can leave you with a £100 fine.

Is this the idiot of the week?

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Comments (5)
  • made me laugh tho at "more dangerous than a fake M badge on a 325i" 😂 this lady respectfully is an idiot

    5 days ago
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  • But it’s wedged in the seat man, it’s okay. Damn nitpicking cops! What’s next, making people drive with their eyes open?

    5 days ago
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