BMW drivers are officially the worst in the uk

43w ago


It has always been a running joke that people who drive BMW's, Mercedes and Audi's are irritating drivers but this study has taken it to a new level.

A study by GoCompare (insurance company in the UK) has shown that the worst drivers on Britain's roads are in fact BMW, Audi and Mercedes drivers.

BMW drivers top the list as being the most dangerous on public roads with Audi hot on their heels and Mercedes in third. Perhaps not something to be that proud of!

Cornwall Live reported that BMW 420d drivers are most likely to speed, run a red light and be at fault in an accident.

BMW 420d

Below the 420d is the Audi A5 which has a 15.5% likelihood of being involved in an accident. With Mercedes its the C220 then the E220 then in 5th place is in fact the Jaguar XF.

As for those who are least likely to have an accident, that's Ford KA drivers, Suzuki Altos, Kia Picantos and Nissan Micras... I'm afraid I will have to disagree with this as I wrote off my very own Ford KA not too long ago...

Do you agree with this study? If not, who are the most dangerous drivers?

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