BMW drivers are the rudest on the roads, says survey ! Take our poll & see!

They beat drivers of white vans to the title. Do you agree? Click here and take our poll.

Scroll down for poll. More than half of us think drivers of BMWs are rude and inconsiderate, a new poll has found.

Some 2,000 motorists were surveyed to mark the launch of new Dave television series Yianni

And some 56 percent of motorists polled said people who own a BMW M3 are inconsiderate.

Range Rover drivers were second on the list (48%).

They were followed close behind by Audi TT (43%) owners.

Motorists who get behind the wheel of a Ford Transit van were only ranked fifth (36%) in the poll.

this comes despite the often negative reputation of "white van man".


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Comments (7)

  • What a stupid and pointless article. Whoever set the poll up obviously wanted a specific result, so they only put vehicles on the list that they wanted you to vote for, and then added "other" at the end, so they can claim it included all vehicles. There is no evidence to say that BMW or Audi drivers are the rudest on the road, it is just an unfairly biased poll. There have been two other such "polls" one by the Daily Fail and another by the Daily Express, and they are equally lacking in credible evidence. It is a fallacy, perpetuated by people who have chosen to believe the myth. And no, I don't drive one of the vehicles mentioned.

      3 years ago
  • You guys have never seen (not tuk-tuks, those drivers are quite nice) rickshaw drivers drive!

    The park in the middle of the road, cut signals, don’t use their mirrors, turn from the middle lane and block traffic! I’m not talking about all of them, but most are like this!

      3 years ago
  • The awful BMW drivers now own Audi's, which is why I will not buy an Audi, they have an image problem here in the UK. Having said that when ever I drive a BMW, it makes me arrogant, I don't know why, I have not driven an Audi in years so maybe they both affect your driving style. Any other car I drive, I am polite and considerate. Anyone else experience this?

      3 years ago
  • I have to agree with Timothy Stock. In my experience, Audi drivers are more aggressive than BMW drivers. Perhaps there are more of them per sq mile in Dorset?

      3 years ago
  • Audi Drivers have to be the the most arrogant, and self important road users i come across on a daily basis. Followed very closely by BMW drivers who also have the same attitude to other road users. Often trying very hard to impress every one on how good a driver they are.

      3 years ago