BMW Drivers Most Likely to be psychopaths

New study

1w ago

You'll be happy to know it's still not that likely, but who doesn't like poking fun at BMW drivers?

The research from Scrap Car Comparison got 2,000 drivers of varying car makes and models to complete a ‘Psychopath Test’. The test involves 12 questions that are able to show where you fall on the 'psychopathy scale'.

Ranked on a scale of zero (no psychopathy) to 36 (psychopathy likely) the average score across all participants was 6.6 - so not very psychopathy on average which is always good to hear...

BMW drivers scored 12.1 across the board, with Audi drivers just behind in second place with an average score of 11.7. To my surprise, but also not really that surprised Fiat drivers need to be kept an eye on as they scored 7 but obviously that's still pretty low and near the average of 6.6.

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