BMW E30 M3 Enhanced and Evolved by Redux Leichtbau - A Singer rivaling BMW?

With nearly 400hp, carbon ceramic brakes, and whole new suspension - is this restored E30 M3 ready to take on the Singer 911?

2y ago

The E30 made the 'M' badge the legend it is today, the car dominated DTM for 7 long years from 1984 till 1990. For its was the perfect mix of looks, handling and outright speed.

Now company by the name 'Redux Leichtbau'(Leichtbau is German for 'Lightweight), decided to do to the E30 what Singer did to 911. Improve it in every single way without changing its spirit. First up let's appreciate how gorgeous this almost 40-year old car looks.

Redux didn't mess with the design saying it ' subtly enhances the E30 M3’s iconic box-flared silhouette'. I for one don't mind at all. Redux admits it used DTM, BTCC and the Evolution models as inspiration and that's clear if you look at the front bumper.

The process of restoration begins with the 'Donor Car' being stripped down to bare metal, the chassis is the straighten (if needed) and fully cleaned. Redux then add's 'bespoke component's crafted by our [Redux's] metalsmith'. Although the brand doesn't disclose what it adds, it likely makes the chassis stiffer, and a bit more rigid.

Car is then dry-assembled back onto its wheels. At this stage Redux invites the lucky owner over to its HQ, where it will finalise their driving position, full service indeed.

The car is then taken back apart for painting.

Isn't the S14 straight 4-engine a thing of beauty?

Redux updated and improved the S14 engine too, it got bigger going from 2.3 to 2.5 litres, then they added custom pistons, connecting-rods, radiator, carbon-fibre airbox, a BMW Motorsport crank and new ECU and wiring loom to control the updated tech.

Next step gets controversial, you can choose between keeping the engine naturally aspirated, or adding a turbocharger. Something a bit unholy for an engine knows for its strong N/A performance. However, the 387 hp and 390 lb-ft (528 Nm) of torque should more than make up for that. Power figures for the naturally aspirated variant are as of yet unknown.

Beautiful functional interior.

The only car that's been built so far features absolutely stunning interior, nearly every surface is covered with what looks like Alcantara or suede, there is a custom pedal-box and a new funky gear-shifter. The brown deep bucket seats really do steal the show.

However, that's all a bit irrelevant, as each car will likely vary quite a lot as Redux is heavy on letting you completely customise the interior of your E30. You can pick between a more road or track going set-up by opting for either a half-cage or full-cage with rear seat delete, you can also opt for no cage at all.

Then you can spec your "steering wheel, gear shifter, Recaro front seats(with optional 6-point harnesses), carpets, door pull handles, headliner/door card/A/B/C pillar trim fabric(s), audio system, and colour scheme". The audio system is quite special as Redux calls themselves 'music aficionados' and promises to 'tailor the sound to your musical tastes and listening preferences'.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes on 40 year old BMW? Ya Bet ya!

To aid E30s ageing handling bits, like suspension and brakes, Redux fits all of the enhanced E30s with EXE-TC 3-way adjustable coil overs & dampers as wells a full AP Racing brake kit. The kit provides you with 355 mm discs with 6-piston callipers up-front and 330mm discs and 4-piston callipers out back, not bad.

However, if that doesn't sound like enough stopping power for you, Redux can spec the E30 with SICOM’s carbon ceramic brakes, apart of being made from superior material, they are also a touch bigger, measuring 380mm up front and 360mm at the back. You can also opt for 4-way adjustable coil-over dampers from EXE-TC, a quite high tech for a 40-year old car.

These brakes are stopping Cinel DTM design Forged Monoblock T-6061 wheels, which frankly look retro and gorgeous in that grey colour. Wheels can be shod in either Michelin Super Sport 4 road tyres or semi-slick/slick tyres for track use.

Redux replaced/re-worked pretty much the whole suspension set-up, the front-control arms, anti-roll bars,cross-memebers, uprights, trailing-arms, and bushings are all new and custom made for the E30.

Sounds Great- How do I get one?

That might be tricky, Redux plans to only build 30 of these for a yet unspecified price. Good news is that you don't need an E30 of your own as Redux are happy to go and source one for you via their 'concierge service' of course, all that comes at a cost.

The cost is still unknown, but if I were to take a wild guess is that it's going to be a lot. Looking at classified right now E30 prices vary from around £30,000 for a very tired example up to well over £100,000 for the Evo models. Based on that, I will take a wild guess of a price between £150,000 to £250,000.

What do you think? Let us know down below!

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Comments (2)

  • This makes me love my E30 even more

      2 years ago
  • The only thing I would change would be the instrument cluster and keep the analog gauges. It would keep the nostalgia more.

      2 years ago