BMW E3's day

This encounter, under a stunning Austrian sun, is akin to the story of Beauty and the Beast. A mix of class and power, of beauty and performance.

3y ago


The white E3 of Wilhelm Bauer dates back to 1970 and was originally made an automatic. However, History would put it on a different path.

He started by returning the car to its previous splendour by giving it a complete paint job and, obviously, a sheet metal workshop; cars from back then are rather rusty !

Very soon, he realised he wanted more power under his foot and decided to transplant a M30B35 (3.5l) with a small personal touch… a TURBO !

The engine parts were obtained from Pure Performance Motorsport.

A clutch was taken from a M5 e34.
An ignition system from a Golf r32.
All of it controlled by a Trijet Control Unit.
For a horsepower estimated at around 450 !

"A cockpit more “racing” NEEDED to make an entry and a more racing foot pedal system was also added, along with sporty seats."

Wilhelm Bauer

It was essential to install new pressure gauges to check, at a glance, all the indispensable information to the driver.

The wooden steering wheel reminds us that we are stilling sitting in a car over 40 years old.

Obviously it is not yet complete, Wilhelm told us he finds the necessary pieces bit by bit and it takes time.

What a pleasure it was to make this unexpected encounter and be able to take the exceptional shots. Our E3 played along in this beautiful scenery and we must admit that even if this model isn’t found all over the streets anymore, with this kind of modifications we did not hesitate to bring it to you and reveal all its secrets.

Many thanks to Wilhelm Bauer !

Please visit his Facebook page : WCP Willy's Cars&Parts

Written by Kevin Pourtois.

Illustrated by Jonas Gilles.

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