BMW employee steals $1.1 million and buys a Mustang for fun

24w ago


A former controller for Continental BMW for the state of Connecticut, Vanessa Vence-Small, had pleaded guilty to a charge of wire fraud - serving 30 months in prison... After embezzling $1.1 million from the dealership she worked in.

BMW of Darien, Connecticut.

Her pathetic scheme started back in October 2014 and ended in June 2017 after an investigation found out about her 'extra pocketing'. Even with a comfortable wage of $150,000 a year and a BMW company car, it clearly wasn't enough to sate her luxury lifestyle. The money she stole over the 3 years was used for holidays, cosmetic surgery and home improvements.

The biggest insult to BMW is the fact she bought a $50,000 Ford Mustang with some of the stolen funds - the same money that got other staff members fired over, as they 'were not hitting profits'. This becomes even sadder as this isn't her first rodeo, Automotive News claims that she has been caught before in the past, but never prosecuted. Ironically, she sold the Mustang with a loss of $21,000 - did she really work for a car dealership, or what?

Her crimes may have not hurt people but caused damage to other people's careers and lives - which for just money, doesn't seem right. Justice looks like it's being served, her lawyers say 'she is committed to turning her life around' yet her former boss at BMW - Paula Callari says this in return: "The only thing Vanessa is sorry for is that she stayed with our company too long and got caught. People like Vanessa do not change their stripes."

Sadly, BMW still can't get back the full $1.1 million back and countless people lost their jobs, due to her crooked scheme. Hopefully, those people can get their lives back on track, never mind Vanessa, we don't give a monkeys about her.