BMW ETA 02 packs retro looks with modern BMW turbo power

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Do you love the looks of classic BMW's but can't be bothered with all the quirks and comfort sacrifices that come with owning a car several decades old? Everytimer Automobile might have the answer for you, the German coachbuilder created the BMW ETA 02 Cabrio, a car combining the looks of the legendary '2002' model with the mechanical workings of the BMW 1 series.

The result? A stunner that's the perfect embodiment of BMW's old design- the three-box proportion, short front overhang and boxy styling with round headlights will please most old-school Bimmer fans. While the A-Pillars, windshield and the soft top trunk-lidare sourced from the 1 series convertible rest of the bodywork is entirely new made out of fibreglass by Everytimer.

Everytimer says they can convert most E88 1 Series chassis into the 'ETA 02' from basic 118i all the way through to a full-blown 135i packing a 3 litre turbocharged straight six with 305hp & 400nm, this top end engine should see the ETA 02 hit 60mph in around 5 seconds and reach a top speed of 150mph.

Everytimer wants it to be possible for the ETA 02 to be maintained at any BMW workshop. Everytimer plans three version of the ET02 - Exclusive, Premium and Individual priced accordingly.

Exclusive comes with bi-xenon headlights and only the exterior painted while the engine bay is painted in dark black. Premium spec gets metallic paint with painted engine bay, decorative elements, painted brake callipers, a special set of alloy wheels, retro designed instrument cluster, chrome and valved exhaust and special 'pepita' interior. The individual trim is based on the Premium trim plus any customers wishes.

Pricing isn't announced but expects to pay in excess of 'what a good 2002 and 1series combined would cost', certain sites quote prices in the region of €80,000.

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  • My God, that's pretty...

    6 days ago
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  • Finally a modern BMW that is nice!

    7 days ago


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