- The BMW F800 R ( Photo Credits : www.totalmotorcycle.com )


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At the beginning of 2009, the naked sector was on the rise and this led several manufacturers to start their own production.

The BMW Motorrad was not an exception, and as a first step or joining this market taking advantage of the technology behind its F800 series was the first step.

That's how the F800 R was born, the first naked of the Bavarian company.

The chassis was created ad hoc combining in one solution a permitral frame derived from the F800 S with a double aluminium swingarm which had final chain transmission. They work assisted by a traditional 43 mm non-adjustable fork and by a single shock absorber regulable in preload and extension.

The 798 cc engine ( Photo Credits : www.roadsmile.com )

The heart of the vehicle is a 798 cc twin-cylinder engine derived from the F800 ST handled by a six-speed transmission and capable of delivering the power of 87 hp with 86 Nm of torque.

Rear section ( Photo Credits : www.cloudlakes.com )

This engine was equipped with a new pulley to speed up the opening of the throttle and a catalyst positioned in the pre-chamber to achieve a more efficient performance by working in a warmer section.

The BMW K1300 R ( Photo Credits : www.hdnicewallpapers.com )

Equipped with a braking system consisting of two Brembo disc brakes, the F800 R recalls in design the largest K1300 R launched almost simultaneously.

Despite a slightly higher price than its competitors

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